What’s so professional about a professional kitchen?

Professional Kitchen

Professional kitchen appliances first began seeping into the home on TV sitcoms. The popular TV show Family Ties starring Michael J. Fox was one of the first kitchens to actually be equipped with professional-grade kitchen appliances. Manufacturers were quickly crafting appliances with robust, commercial-like features to accommodate this new trend. Significantly larger storage and cooking space were in demand as homes grew in size. The stainless steel look found in high-performing commercial kitchens became a change agent with manufacturers as well. More features like larger knobs and broader cooking surfaces were added to complete a professional cooking experience. Basically, a professional kitchen creates the look of a kitchen ready for serious cooking and hospitality while delivering a set of advanced features and storage that goes beyond regular kitchen appliances.

Without question, the interior and kitchen design communities utilize these professional kitchen strengths to enhance the beauty and performance of an active kitchen. Custom home builders and designers alike are enjoying the added benefits of cabinet integration and the capabilities of professional appliances. And the appliance industry has matured with professional lines that fit a wider range of budgets. Professional lines are found in many appliance brands today, yet the emphasis is still on robust features with a finish and feel that make a kitchen look amazing. The finished look of stainless steel, matching handles, and oversized luxury shouldn’t get homeowners distracted from the fact that these unique appliances come with more features, technology, durable parts, and stronger warranties. You really get what you pay for when you purchase a professional line of kitchen appliances. In the end, you gain the daily benefits of greater storage and cooking capacity and a popular trend that delivers the look of luxury.


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