Why This Sustainable Brand Has Won 12 EPA Awards

Electrolux kitchen

Every April, the global spotlight makes a decidedly eco-friendly shift with the arrival of Earth Day. This annual acknowledgment every April 22 gives nod to the importance of taking care of our planet, placing added emphasis on how living responsibly and sustainably is for the betterment of all. And while many consumers do their part in everyday actions like recycling and composting, there are additional impactful choices homeowners can make—decisions that are more infrequent but just as meaningful: their appliance selections.

We are so proud of these twelve sustainability awards. Sustainability is at the heart of the experiences and solutions we develop. These twelve appliances eliminate food waste, make food last longer, and have faster cooking times.

Nolan Pike, head of Electrolux North America

Friedman’s carries a wide range of home appliances from more than 20 of the industry’s most trusted brands in premium and luxury appliances. Perhaps one of the most sustainable brands we carry is Electrolux. This century-old company is dedicated to creating appliances that are not only sleek and technologically advanced, but that have the health of their users and the planet at the forefront. In fact, Electrolux announced last year that eight of their appliances were awarded the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s 2021-2022 ENERGY STAR® Emerging Technology Award (ETA). This brings the brand’s total number of ETA-winning appliances to a whopping twelve!

“We are so proud of these twelve sustainability awards,” Nolan Pike, head of Electrolux North America, said at the time. “Sustainability is at the heart of the experiences and solutions we develop. These twelve appliances eliminate food waste, make food last longer, and have faster cooking times.”

Electrolux induction cooktop

Friedman’s carries a selection of Electrolux appliances, including refrigerators, dishwashers, gas rangetops, induction cooktops, dual-fuel ranges, and more. The Electrolux 30-inch and 36-inch induction cooktops, in stock now at Friedman’s, took an ETA award. Both highly rated and wildly popular, these induction cooking appliances offer an eco-friendly alternative to gas cooking by virtue of the fact that they don’t emit any pollutants or greenhouse gasses. The cooktops feature Electrolux’s Precise Temperature Control Function, which has a sensor that ensures the ideal cooking temperature is maintained from start to finish for the perfect dish every time. Plus its energy-efficient induction design heats the pan directly with zero heat loss.

Electrolux dishwasher

Other Energy Star-rated appliances in stock at Friedman’s include the Electrolux 24-inch built-in dishwasher. Proprietary technology and thoughtful design features go largely unnoticed by consumers other than they love how clean their dishes come out. But features such as the LuxCare® Wash Arm and the Perfect Dry System were designed specifically with the reduction of water waste and energy efficiency in mind. Plus, you can maximize each load with the third rack—a handy feature to boot!

Electrolux open produce drawer

Finally, when it comes to refrigerators, Electrolux is a leading brand thanks to features like the TasteLock™ Plus Crispers with Auto-Humidity Control, which keep food fresher for longer, thereby cutting down on household food waste. And the LuxCool™ Cooling System keeps temperatures consistent, making for a more energy-efficient appliance.

Examples like these illustrate the Electrolux promise to sustainability for a happier, healthier planet and consumers alike. When you’re ready to commit to a more eco-friendly daily life—in April or anytime—stop by Friedman’s, where we will be thrilled to introduce you to the Electrolux line.

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