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Open plan interior of a modern family home

In 2020, the kitchen is becoming the heart of the home once again. Open floor plans where the kitchen blends into the living room are in demand for busy families who want to spend more time together. Today’s kitchen has multiple purposes for everything from baking to craft projects. Therefore, the kitchen must do double duty, and many appliance trends for 2020 reflect this idea.

The exterior finishes in appliances are always changing, and 2020 offers a wide variety of options for the outside to fit any decor or style. Here are some of our favorites: 

  • Colorful appliances can brighten any space and create a strong focal point. Viking has all the colors you want in its high-quality appliances. If you want a totally custom look, Dacor Match can create or match any color you can imagine. 
  • Appliances with panels blend into the living spaces for a seamless look. Manufacturers now provide many options and styles ranging from traditional, natural wood to sleek, modern finishes. 
  • Black stainless continues to be a popular alternative, especially with the popularity of grey tones in home decor. If you are looking to update stainless steel, this is definitely the way to go.

The upcoming year also includes some new interior features to support some of the biggest trends for 2020. 

  • Healthy cooking continues to be a top goal for any family. Steam cooking allows vegetables and other foods to retain more of their nutrients. Convection ovens cause foods to cook faster in less time and with less energy. Both of these options are available in standard ovens, wall ovens, and microwave combination ovens. 
  • Smart appliances continue to be a big trend, and many appliance manufacturers continue to add these features. Appliances can connect to smart home devices for easy, hands-free control. They can also be monitored remotely through your smartphone. 
  • Compact appliances go along with minimalist design trends, and manufacturers are combining functions in favor of space. For example, washer/dryer combination machines that are ventless are perfect for people who are “right-sizing” or those living in condos. 
  • Side by side refrigeration continues to be a popular trend because you have your most-used items at eye level. Manufacturers are also offering columns that are installed next to each other. You get the benefit of side-by-side with more space for storage.
  • If you can’t hide it, then make it a main focal point. Many designers are now using a wall oven or the hood of the stove as the focal point for the kitchen. Many wall ovens are designed with finishes that are not meant to be hidden or overlooked. 
  • Touch to open and hands-free options help to make appliances more functional and germ-free. These features are perfect for busy families with little messy hands.

If you are ready to capitalize on these trends in 2020, come into Friedman’s so that you can see these high-quality offerings for yourself. We are ready to help you take your kitchen and your home into the new year!


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