New Decade, New Kitchen Design Trends

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As you consider making changes to your kitchen this year, you will want to make sure you take this year’s top trends into consideration. You don’t want to finally jump into a trend that is on its way out. The events of 2020 changed how we used our kitchens, and this year’s trends reflect that. Here are some of our favorite design features that are worth paying attention to.

Fusion of the kitchen and the living room

Our kitchen spaces have become a part of our living spaces and this trend continues. People want open kitchens that seamlessly connect with the living parts of the home. When you are working in the kitchen, you want to join the living room conversations, and many families eat together in the living room instead of at the table. The fusion of these spaces requires kitchens to step up their style to integrate with the other living spaces of the home.

Lighting: Indirect and LED

Indirect lighting softly lights the kitchen to help create a mood that matches the rest of the home, and LED lights in many colors make the kitchen feel like home. The LED lights also offer great flexibility in under-the-cabinet lighting by using warmer light to create a more inviting space. You may even add lighting under the countertop to make it look like it’s floating.

Cabinet color

The color trend in cabinets continues and especially two-toned cabinets. Navy blue and emerald green remain popular choices, and Pantone’s trending colors are gray and yellow. Stained wood can also add interesting color and texture to the space. Bronze and gold finishes continue to be popular choices for handles and hinges of the cabinets.

GE Profile Black Stainless

Fade to black

All-white kitchens have been very popular, but now homebuyers are changing their preferences. Some bold designs are going all black, including cabinets and appliances. If you don’t want to go all black, you can use black accent elements, like a darker finish in an appliance, to add elegance and style to an all-white kitchen.

Efficiency in function and style

In 2020, our kitchens hosted many different activities—from baking sourdough to office space for work and school. Our kitchens need to be designed with function in mind, and you may need to reconfigure your space to allow easy access to key elements and make room for multiple people to work in the kitchen at the same time.

Multipurpose materials

Countertops need to be multi-functional and able to handle multiple tasks. Butcher block and stainless steel can serve as cutting boards and help the busy chef save time.

Open shelving

Storage and easy access are keys to a well-run kitchen. Look for spaces that can house collections in open shelves and pot racks hanging from the ceiling.

Easy to clean

Part of the functionality is finding materials that are easy to clean. Glass surfaces have a modern look and are also easy to wipe down after use. Surfaces that can be cleaned and disinfected multiple times a day help keep everyone healthy.

No matter what you want to try in your kitchen, we are here to help you make it exactly what you want. We can help you find the design and the appliances to create your dream kitchen.


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