The Sous Vide Steak Your Tastebuds are Begging For

Air Sous Vide Steak

When you’re shopping for your new appliance suite, there are many factors to consider. In addition to appearance and functionality, be sure to consider new or new-to-you features that you may have never experienced. Building on the recent surge in popularity of sous vide cooking, Electrolux now offers this French cooking method built into certain wall oven models

Known as Air Sous Vide, this technology that is built into certain Electrolux wall ovens applies the same sous vide cooking philosophy but at the touch of a button and with none of the fuss. The low-temperature, long-time cooking technique is ideal for everything from meats and veggies to eggs, desserts, and more. Additionally, Electrolux appliance owners can sign up for Side Chef, a robust, subscription-based recipe and meal-planning platform filled with countless ideas to feed you and your family. Recipes are curated from some of the world’s top chefs, bakers, and culinary professionals and run the gamut. Filter by meal type, budget, diet, number of ingredients, and more.

To spark some ideas for how you can adapt traditional sous vide recipes for use in an Electrolux Air Sous Vide wall oven, try this delectable sous vide steak recipe from Side Chef.  


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