Technology Helps Keep Your Produce Fresh At Home

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In the days of warm weather and sunshine, many of us look to local sources for our produce. Whether you’ve made a pledge to buy more locally-grown food or you simply found yourself stocking up on fruits and veggies from nearby farms in the warmer months, now is the time to consider upgrading your refrigeration options. 

Farmers’ markets and food co-ops are springing up all over Tennessee, and many people have discovered the multiple benefits of buying food directly from local farmers. Nothing tastes better than fresh produce straight from the farm, but that’s just one of the highlights of buying locally. Food sold at local farms is in season for that particular area. Plus, it has just been harvested and didn’t have to travel a long distance, so it’s fresher and retains more nutrients. The fruits and vegetables are picked at their peak, so they even look and taste better. However, those flavors and nutrients won’t last forever. Luckily, innovations and advancements in refrigeration technology allow us to get more out of our fresh produce than ever before.

Getting the Most Out of Fresh, Local Produce

Investing in local farmers by purchasing fresh produce is a great idea and today’s storage options are quite advanced. Fresh foods do best in a humid, yet chilly climate to maintain their integrity, while frozen foods require dry, frigid air to prevent decay and freezer burn. Some of the latest refrigerators have both refrigerator and freezer areas with their own dedicated sealed system with a compressor and evaporator. Others feature air purification systems that eliminate ethylene gases and thereby slow down the ripening process, making your farmer’s market purchases last up to three times longer.

Local Farmers Market

At Friedman’s, we understand the benefits of shopping locally, and our passion for high-end refrigeration can help you get the most out of those fruits and vegetables that have been grown close to home. Our showroom features some of the top brands on the market for premium and luxury refrigeration, each one offering unique features that take food preservation to the next level. From four-door designs to column refrigeration to undercounter options, the food preservation appliances that we have available for you don’t just blend in with your kitchen design—they elevate it to new heights.

It’s easy to see that buying locally benefits everyone. You can find more information on local farmers’ markets at For refrigeration appliances that can make that fresh produce go the extra mile, visit our showroom or check out the wide selection that we have available on our website. 


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